2018-10-17 City of North Vancouver response to Lynn Valley slip lane letter

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Subject: Cyclists dismount signage Lynn Valley Road Northbound at Highway 1 Off-ramp

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 22:28:08 +0000 From: Liliana Vargas To: Don Piercy, northshore@bikehub.ca

CC: Jane.Thornthwaite.MLA@leg.bc.ca, Bowinn.Ma.MLA@leg.bc.ca, Karla Graham, Don Legault, Thompson, Tyler, David Desrochers, Jennifer Draper, Jennifer Breckon, Leah Nyhus, Steve Carney

Dear Don and Peter,

Thank you for your letter dated October 4, 2018 to the City of North Vancouver regarding Lynn Valley Road at the Highway 1 Off-ramp . Please note that signage and traffic control in the section shown on the letter is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation (MOTI). I’m attaching MOTI’S Jurisdictional Atlas. However, safety of all transportation users at this location is paramount to the three jurisdictions (MOTI, DNV and CNV).

The CNV draft project plan 2019-2028 includes a provision for cycling improvements to the northbound direction of Lynn Valley Road with implementation anticipated in 2021. This is envisioned as part of the addition of a northbound through travel lane at the Boulevard Crescent/Highway 1 east on-ramp and connection to the cycling/pedestrian path on the east side of the Lynn Valley Road Interchange. A concept has been approved in principle by the Ministry and the works would occur within MOTI’s jurisdiction.

CNV was a stakeholder in the LVR improvements project recently completed under the authority of DNV and suggests that the proposed changes may result in safety issues for bike users. Context and comments below:

1. Cyclists traveling northbound on Lynn Valley Road have two options. First to continue on the curb lane of Lynn Valley Road through to the bike lane in DNV or to dismount and walk their bikes on the sidewalk. It is acknowledged that this is a disruption in their trip, but currently there is not a designated bike facility between the end of the Highway off-ramp and the beginning of the bike lane in DNV.

2. The ‘cyclists dismount’ sign is intended for cyclist that are entering the sidewalk. The shared pedestrian and cyclist sidewalk at this location is narrow and the elevation difference relative to the road calls for signage to warn of these impediments.

3. Pavement markings and signage in this section (See figure below) are the jurisdiction of MOTI and they are ultimately responsible for any liabilities associated with bike signage at a location that is not designated for bikes. Note that where MOTI is bound by the BC Motor Vehicle Act, it cannot allow cyclists to ride through pedestrian facilities (sidewalks, crosswalks).

4. Introduction of the ‘yield to bikes’ sign right after the pedestrian crossing is not recommended. This will result in two conflict locations for vehicles exiting from the Highway and entering an urban setting in a very short distance.

We appreciate your support in this multi-agency effort to improve overall network conditions around the Lynn Valley Interchange for all road users and are committed to our role in the delivery of the ultimate configuration which will lead to improvements for cyclists and pedestrians.

Best Regards,

Liliana Vargas, P.Eng., M.Eng.

Transportation Engineer, Planning Department t: 604.983.7339 | e: lvargas@cnv.org

City of North Vancouver 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9 Reception: 604.985.7761 | f: 604.985.8439 | www.cnv.org

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