October 2020

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In attendance

Andrew H., Dragana R., Leon L., Vince H., Scott K.

Mission Reflection

HUB's mission is to get more people cycling more often.

Committee priorities defined in our 2020 Action Plan

  1. Improve our relationships with municipalities.
  2. Improve committee focus.
  3. Improve our visibility in the community.

It's time to revisit these priorities and see if they make sense.

Reminder of our Top 5 Map Gaps

Dragana made an interactive map of top 5 map gaps in TriCities

Her app explains what all of these apps are

Dragana can create a legend for routes of different colours

Number one gap is the United Way stretch

What about the bridge across the Coquitlam river on Lincoln Avenue? Is that still in the works?

Appoint Port Moody Transportation Committee Rep

Scott K. is willing to do it again if other folks are okay with that; it’s a two-year term

Andrew is hoping to stay in in his citizen/Dad role and will send Jenny an email to confirm he can continue

Clark route work is being accelerated

Barnet Highway to Rocky Point Park is the specific gap on Dragana’s map

Lumber mill at Rocky Point would have some impact on cycling infrastructure

I Bike I Vote

Everyone go here [1] to generate automatic advocacy emails to the Provincial candidates in your area.

This is a neat app that lets you send a form email to all of the candidates in your city, based upon postal code

Andrew thinks he could write a ‘real letter’ to Rick Glumac a letter about the TriCities issues

Invite the new MLAs to our next meeting to talk about the map gaps (Andrew to add to agenda for next time)

Bike to Work Week Recap

Kathryn and Vince volunteered at the Coquitlam Knowledge Hubs (Pinetree and Guildford & Poirier)

Not that many people stopped by (12 at Poirier and 15 at Pinetree)

Questions about signage and the best routes to go on because riding in parts of Coquitlam are terrible for riding

Discussion on the Barnett Highway - can we make this a major issue between the Burnaby and Port Moody committees? Needs improvement for people who bike to work in Vancouver

This is the best way out of the TriCities

Burnaby section needs work but the Committee has issues dealing with the City of Burnaby

20 in 20 update

Vince provided about 6 suggestions that were related to MOTI; he sent the items to the MOTI contractor (Main Roads) to take a look at - Vince to follow up with contractor

Street cleaning on the Barnet needs to be increased, especially during the winter because getting a flat is not fun

Green paint in Port Moody was from last year’s 20 in 20 – so good things can happen!

Dragana received all three spreadsheets from Evan Hammer to try and visualize the locations for the 20 in 20 fixes

Committee priorities review and catch-up. It's fall! Are we going to meet all of our goals for 2020?

(Priority 1) Andrew to invite Anne Pynenburg from Port Coquitlam to a future meeting; discuss the route from the Pitt River bridge to Coquitlam Centre

Could we invite someone from Metro Vancouver to the meeting to talk about the issue of access to/from the Port Mann bridge? Leon to follow up with his contact at Metro Vancouver

Priority 2 is making good progress

Priority 3: Andrew to see if we can advertise our next meeting in the TriCity news

To revisit these goals next meeting and see if we are on track

Port Moody Update

New separated bike lane that goes up this hill for a few blocks

Primarily there as a traffic calming measure

Not AAA but it’s an improvement

Local residents are actually asking for this as a traffic calming measure

Andrew to look into where to get our money for an ad in the TriCity news

Other Business

Andrew to look into getting a Skip the Dishes coupon for all the active members to use (instead of having pizza at an in-person meeting)

Spring Street rat running issue; hundreds of cars use it during rush hour to bypass St. John’s

City is considering making it one way

Dragana at Woodland Park open house for neighbourhood development; there are plans to upgrade bike route to Triple A

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 3 at 6:30 p.m. on GoTo Meeting

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